The function of the product is air purification. In addition to its main function, it includes side functions for the needs of the home user. One of them is "wireless phone charger". You can charge the phone while positioning the product next to you. You can also listen to music with the BT speaker on it.
One of the main functions of the product is night mode. When Night Mode is activated, the air purifying feature switches to a sleep mode, and optionally, the ambilight night light is activated.
In this product, which has a very simple design language, the form consists of a basic cylinder. A slice is taken from the back and front of this cylinder symmetrically. The details of the product are also included in the resulting sections.
Due to the size of the air purifier, its structure is suitable for positioning and carrying anywhere within the home. For this reason, its design is simple and compatible. It has simple and defined surfaces to reflect the air cleaning function to the user as a design language. Although it has a lot of functions, it is aimed to reflect this minimum to the outside.
Wireless Charger for smartphones
Ultra Silent with Night Mode
IF Design Award Winner 2021
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